Dead Zones…

17 Jun

Woah, way “deeper” subject than I have ever written about in previous blogs, hm?  Well, this blog is about change, and about life here in our new place, so here’s a little change, and a little something that has to do with our new area–and our old home, too.

With the recent floods throughout the midwest, I was not at all surprised to see this article about The Gulf of Mexico’s growing Dead Zone. The farmers and their families that own the thousands of flooded farms across the region are not the only ones that will suffer horribly from this historic flood.  It all flows downstream.  The Mississippi is carrying loads of fertilizer down to the Gulf of Mexico, contributing to the massive Dead Zone.  

We live in Central Indiana, where corn and soy fields are everywhere, and the rally cries of biodiesel are plastered on highway billboards… But I can’t help question biofuels as a solution to our oil and environmental issues.  


Come on, Toyota!!! bring on that plug-in Prius!! 

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