Reflecting on 2010… Looking forward to 2011…

2 Jan

Seems like just a few short weeks ago, we were saying hello to 2010.  My how time flies!  I am resolving, once again, to share a piece of our everyday…maybe not every DAY of our every day.. but… you get what I mean.  Reflecting on the days and keeping the stories and memories of life – especially with the littles – so important.  My goal is to make this year full of creativity, full of peace, of simple fun.  I want to make this blog a part of that peace.

What was 2010… a blur? a year of milestones? a year of transition from babyhood to toddlerville?  a year of growing and curiosity?


Looking back:

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(trying Smilebox, free, for now. I’ll make a real collage myself without the rediculous slow slideshow….)

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