Project Life: Week One

11 Jan

After some serious self-debate as to wether I could keep up with a whole year long project… (since it seems like I even forget about my blog every 5 minutes!) I decided to take on Project Life. Project Life is a scrapbooking project without the…scrapbooking.
I was drawn to the idea of not needing to cut a bunch of pieces, not needing to obsess about layouts and what style what should be, what font, and so on…. I admit I have a few layouts on my computer of Katelyn -inlcuding birthday invitations and cards- but only like 2 either printed out or done by hand! 2! Hello? She is almost 5!!!

I have a few goals/ideas that I want to achieve with this project:

  • Take pictures that “tell the story” – too often I get engrossed with trying to make things perfect and portraity.  I want to tell the story of our everyday, not enter my work in a gallery or some contest…
  • Try not to obsess over handwriting-I know my writing is not awesome, or font-worthy or beautiful, but it is my writing.
  • Try to include the whole family in the process.  Involving Katelyn will be the easiest- it’s crafty, its writing, its pictures, she’s all about it. Will have to work a little harder with Michael and Logan.
  • Include pictures with me in them! (This will mean perfecting my using the timer on the camera, as Michael and I don’t agree on how fabulous prime lenses are….)

I might add new ideas of how things should be as i go… but that feels like a good starting point.  So, here are a few shots of what my   Week 1 shaped up to be.  Admittedly, I am backposting a couple weeks, because I didn’t actually get the kit until Week 4…. So, there is more filler in the beginnning weeks than I would like to see.  I used the papers that came with my  Project Life – Turquoise Edition – I cut them to 4×6 and used a corner rounder to make them “fit in” with everything else.

Project Life Week 1 - Pg 1

Project Life - Week 1, pg 2

Project Life - Week 1 - The Full Layout

I’m really looking forward to this as something totally new and different for me to do!

I’m sharing my Project Life as a part of “Project Life Tuesdays” on The Mom Creative.  You should, too. 🙂

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