Handmade notepads = fun teacher gifts!

28 May

OH how I struggled with the idea of what to do for teacher gifts!!! I wanted to do “something” but, me being me… I had to do something different- something that noone else will have done.  After lots and lots (and lots) of thinking, procrastinating, and thinking some more… I finally decided to make little notepads, personalized for each teacher, with a little cartoon version of themselves at the top of each page.

I created each teacher-toon in Illustrator, laid out the actual pages in InDesign (4-up on good ol’ 8.5×11), printed on my olf friend, Canon i9100 printer, cut them in the most rediculous way (using a rotary cutter intended for sewing, Not a good choice.) and glued them according to these instructions on Skip to My Lou.

These are my first notepads, and now that I know a few tricks, they won’t be my last.
A few notes on what I learned from the process:

  • Use two wooden building blocks and a 10lb dumbbell to weight them down if you don’t have/know where the clamps you do have are.
  • When clamping (or weighting, whatev.) be sure to get the edge of the paper pretty close to the edge of the blocks. The closer they are, the better the pages “smoosh” together, the better the outcome.
  • When the directions say a THIN coat, they mean a SUPER DEE DUPER thin coat.  The first go-round, I kinda glopped the silicone on and ended up haing to peel it off.  Second time, I put a super thin coat on- so that I could still see the individual pages through the coat of silicone.  I used two coats of silicone, super thin layers, being sure to “catch” the cardboard backing.

I inlcuded a few pencils, and tied them with a ribbon in the teachers’ favorite color.

Like I said, these were so much fun! I *really* need to invest in a real paper cutter, though. I think my high school Costume Design teacher would CRY if she knew I just used “fabric scissors” (rotary or otherwise) on paper! (shudder)

One Response to “Handmade notepads = fun teacher gifts!”

  1. Ashley @ Simply Designing May 29, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    Super cute!!!!! What a great idea!!

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