The end. {of preschool}

28 May

Hello, blog! Long time no see!

The past month has been a whirlwind of activities, with really another week of craziness to go… Parties, musical performances, end of school year celebrations, figuring out how to spend our summer (to para-phrase Alton Brown.. “that’s another post”)…. end of preschool for Katelyn….  this week brings rehearsal, dress rehearsals, being surrounded by tutus, the smell of ballet shoes (ugh),marley, and memories of high school days, haha,  and hopefully lots of swimming int he newly open POOL!

This picture sums up so much for me. How much I love Katelyn’s school, how much I love her lead teacher, and how much she loves and understands my sweet girl.  I am so happy that she will be continuing on in the Children’s House to finish the 3-6yr “cycle” in her Montessori school.

As usual, I’ve neglected this blog.  Everytime I look back at it, I wonder why, why did I sort of dissapear for a while? I surely skulk around on enough blogs  – I should know by now it is kinda the point of blogging – to KEEP UP with it.  😛 (so yea, I’m back-posting a couple things. As usual.)

Hoping to document our summer – even if loosely so- here, projects, learning, crafts, swimming, sun.. oh yes. Can’t wait!

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