Making a memorable, fun summer (without letting little brains go to mush)

1 Jun

This is something that has been rolling around in my head, in conversations with friends, in my Evernote, and Cozi calendar… finally it is coming to fruition.  I’m putting together summer plans – all of which I hope will be FUN – and yea, the closet homeschooler/ former Ed Tech’er in me is putting together a theme for each week, which we will tackle unit study style with plenty of Montessori-style flavor.  I freely admit our weekly plan is based pretty closely on that of summer program Katelyn’s school is using, but I am also keeping things “free” – as in, if I find a reason to rearrange weeks, or if we don’t get to something, no biggie.

I also have plans to put together our own version of Angie’s Six-tastic Summer list (which really, you’ll probably see 3/4ths of her ideas on my list, too, and some stuff will overlap with the “cirriculum-y” stuff.) sometime this weekend. So no, our summer won’t be full of  classification of animals, studying states, and never venturing outside.. Oh no way. noooooo way.  There’s too much sun & fun “out there.”

Weekly Theme List

I started trying to type out each week’s general idea of activities as well, and it just got ot be a painfully long post.  I’ll summarize now and then as we go, I will elaborate on each one.  🙂

  • Exploring Nature – exploring and identifying critters & plants in our “backyard”
  • Our World (Part 1) –  Exploring food, environment & children’s culture around the world
  • Our World (Part 2) – Studying the dance, music & art of the world, dancing and making music together
  • Focus USA – Celebrating America with food, crafts and looking at different regions of the US – 4th of July focus
  • Every Child is an Artist – Playing with color, texture, and different media, study some types of art & discovering what appeals to us
  • Science is Awesome – Exploring the scientific method & conducting some Mr Wizard and Mythbuster style experiments (this is a DEFINITE GOTTA DO)
  •  Our Place in the Universe –  Discovering our solar system and what makes each plant unique.
This gives us a few weeks of “down time” before school starts, and a couple weeks to either continue a topic if we want to.  We’ll see if we really stick to this or if it goes out the window in 5 minutes, ha!
Now on to making our Summer Bucket list (that is, not before WE kick the bucket- before summer does!)

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