Our Summer “To-Do” List

6 Jun

Because summer goes by so so fast… Because this is Katelyn’s last summer before going to school for FULL days of kindergarten (sniff)… Because if I don’t get some kind of organized – we will spend all day, everyday turning into prunes at the pool and wonder where summer went come September…..

Here is our Summer Bucket List (as in, do this stuff before Summer kicks the bucket and turns into Fall!) Katelyn had full participation in coming up with ideas.
Inspired by Angie @ just like the number.

Let’s Really Do Summer – Our Summer Bucket List

  1. Break out the Slip n’ Slide
  2. Go Strawberry picking
  3. Make – and of course ENJOY a KidWash (make your own bike-wash/spray park)
  4. Spend a rainy day at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  5. make popcicles – have fun inventing our own flavors
  6. Go to a Spray Park or 3
  7. Roast marshmallows on a fire
  8. Have lunch at the pool (or maybe even dinner?)
  9. Make pizzas on the grill
  10. Go Geocaching
  11. Take a day trip to the National Museum of the US Air Force
  12. Check out a concert in the park
  13. Explore the ARTSPARK
  14. Grow grass buddies
  15. Ride bikes on the Monon Trail
  16. Water Balloon Fight!
  17. Make some clothes for back to school
  18. Check out the Rhythm Discovery Center
  19. Blow bubbles, and if it’s rainy, we can do soap grating & bubble making inside
  20. Host a flamingo Friday & share some home-baked treats with our friends
  21. Eat outside– alot.
  22. Go to Stuckey Farms and pick some fruit (and whatever veg that doesnt turn out in our garden!)
  23. Head North and go to a beach for the day?
  24. Go swimming– alot.
  25. Catch a movie- outside (our neighborhood may be hosting something like this)
  26. most of all, have lots and lots of fun.

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