Look who’s two!

29 Jul


Happy Birthday, Logan!

I cannot believe my little man is TWO!

Yes, those are the saggiest, wierdest looking Lightning McQueen cupcakes ever. We tried.

At 2 years old:

Favorite color: green
Favorite book: was 15 Animals, now No, David and Click Clack, Moo
Favorite music: Anything danceable. Does not dig A Fine Frenzy, Florence + The Machine…. Likes Taio Cruz and Sesame Street Old School.
Favorite food: pizza? Hard to tell what his really very favorite is- he likes LOTS of stuff. Doesn’t seem to like turkey, take or leave beef and tomatoes are  definitely “yucky” (that’s my boy!).
Favorite toy: Remote control Jo Jo’s Bumper Car, after birthday presents – mower!
Other random stuff: Loves to be outside. Love swimming and jumping in the water. Makes the same great “oh my!” face with big eyes and a little circle mouth every time he jumps in. Loves his “sissy”, “Kate-en”. Gives the best, snuggliest hugs ever, could melt an ice block with his warm snuggles!  Sleeps with “Baa” the sheep, Elmo, and now his new very favorite, Tigger. (Tigger was given to him by Daddy.. who was given Tigger by Mommy, many years ago.) Has the best sense of humor and is loud, friendly and just plain awesome.




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