Endings and Beginnings

23 Aug

The end of summer break.

The beginning of a new school year…

– which is the last year for Katelyn in the Montessori Children’s House – so, a beginning of an ending…and if I want to get even sappier and more confusing, the beginning of the last school year with Logan home all week, as well. (He will be 3 next summer, so Lookout, Children’s House 2 come Fall 2012!)

Logan missed Katelyn SO so much. He was pretty much a mess all day. I tried to keep us running around and playing and doing stuff, but I guess I am no substitute for “Kate-en”!  I also found myself missing her. Even with the bustle and noise of a 2 year old in the house (A grumpy one, at that) the house seemed quiet, and maybe a little sad.  Missing the bouncing, loud, spontaneuousness of Katelyn – and the feeling that summer has officially gone.

When we were on our way to pick her up, Logan recognized the major intersection we turn at, and said “Mommy, get Katen now pwease?” so sweet.  She was all smiles after a great first day, her teacher gave a glowing report.

We polished off the day with rediculously huge ice cream cones with friends, and a few trips around the block on bikes with them, too.

While I am sad to see summer fading into cooler days, at the same time I am thrilled to have routines, destinations, plans.  As for me? I am starting off the new school year trying to get organized, too, and make an attempt at simplifying and decluttering. OH, and I might try and blog more than once a month, too. 😉


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