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Spiffed up sidelights for Fall: Frosted Glass Vinyl fun!

10 Sep

This is a project that had been rolling around in my head since before I even had a Silhouette SD to call my very own.  I had this “frosted glass look” window cling film up in our front door sidelights for a few years, and it was getting worn looking. I thought…hm, that frosted glass stuff would work GREAT in the sidelights, and I could change it out seasonally! Finally, after a little bit of procrastination and a few learning experiences (two sheets of Dusted Crystal vinyl wasted to some wierd issue with the machine not lining up properly after cutting a few pages, spending an evening perfecting my vinyl “weeding” technique on the subway art portion) we have this:

I am absolutely in love with the way it came out!!!

Katelyn helped me think of fun Fall words for the “Subway Art” sections, and the leaves are from the Silhouette online store.  I applied the vinyl to the inside of the window since it is “indoor vinyl” and all, and I didn’t want it to get peely or potentially not come off as easily as it should.

It’s impossible to capture on camera, but the frosted glass vinyl looks even cooler at night from the inside, with the lights from the outside hitting it -it kind of sparkles!  We will definitely be updating this for winter with snowflakes and fun snowy words!


A few things form the “sewing room”….

21 Jul

Finally! Something to show off from the land of Sew. (I put sewing room in little quotes because really, it is a cozy corner of our basement… which now thanks to the fabulous Mr, is sealed and white and bright and wonderful…)

Katelyn is the proud owner of a new twirling skirt – from (mostly…) this tutorial from hous on hill road.

I made the contrasting panel much wider, did NOT make a contrasting panel for the waistband (noone will ever see it, I’m not doing more work than I need to, let’s be real here, folks!) and used 3/4inch non-roll elastic. It is pretty stiff elastic, but it seems comfy enough. She would complain if it wasn’t!

And yea, it was wrinkly, it had been worn half a day already- I admit,  and yea, not an award winning photo. It was about 6 billion degrees out and she insisted on the hairstyle. 🙂

But wait, there’s more!

(I always wanted to say that)

I rescued a shirt with really, really short-long-sleeves (it shrunk wierd, I guess?) that also happened to be super soft, and converted it into a pair of pants for Logan.

(excuse the lovely “Oh, hey, I should probably take a picture of this before I hack it up” iPhone shot)

This is my first attempt at reusing something that isn’t bluejeans and won’t be my last.  It was a fun project! I used the ever-popular Kid Pant tutorial from Dana Made – I found the pattern & intructions easy enough – but next time I will have to alter them specifically for L.  The rise is OK over a diaper- but REALLLLY old man-over the bellybutton-style with his new “unnerwear”. And they are about six miles long. But soft. And cute. And he loves them.

(I’m killin’ it with the pics, lately, hm? ugh, sorry!)

More soon, from the land of Sew, down below… I hope….

mmm. fabric…..

27 Jun

FINALLY something crafty to post about. 🙂
I could not be more excited. There is now a fabulous boutique fabric store right here on the Northside of Indy!  It is The French Seam – and it is every bit as cute as you would hope.  They carry a patterns by a handful of independent pattern designer and loads of fabulous fabric!

I dragged  brought katelyn along for some girls-only time (ok, yeah, dragged is more right….)  and came home with some goodies!

I great bug huge puffy heart Oliver + S patterns. They are “vintage” looking without looking… old?  I bought my very first – the Seaside Sundress.  Katelyn picked out the fabric.  It also happens to be Oliver + S. Didn’t even realize it til we got home and I saw the selvedge with the Copyright info.
The zigzag stripe will be the main part of the dress, the polkadots will be the bottom ruffle/pocket bit.

This will be a Twirling Skirt.  The flower/butterfly fabric picked out by Katelyn.  🙂

I hope to be sharing pictures of finished products SOON!  YAY!

We love goodies from Gramma!

8 Jul

We were happily surprised with this super cool letter-pocket quilt from Gramma, so fun!! Thanks so much!

You mean… I really *do* still know how to make stuff?!?!

7 Jul



I did WHAT?


I jumped back in to crafting. Finally.

Realizing that this “up North” place will be getting cold sooner than I can possibly imagine, I thought it would be a good time to start chipping away at the yarn stash.

Crazy-colorful fluffy and soft hat in the works for Miss Katelyn! (the colors are louder in real life…)

YARN: Patons ChaCha in “Salsa”, one skein

PATTERN: Wool Noggins by Marie Grace Smith


(OK so the hat was done at the time I finally posted and even though its in the mid-80s has been worn ALOT already…)