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Endings and Beginnings

23 Aug

The end of summer break.

The beginning of a new school year…

– which is the last year for Katelyn in the Montessori Children’s House – so, a beginning of an ending…and if I want to get even sappier and more confusing, the beginning of the last school year with Logan home all week, as well. (He will be 3 next summer, so Lookout, Children’s House 2 come Fall 2012!)

Logan missed Katelyn SO so much. He was pretty much a mess all day. I tried to keep us running around and playing and doing stuff, but I guess I am no substitute for “Kate-en”!  I also found myself missing her. Even with the bustle and noise of a 2 year old in the house (A grumpy one, at that) the house seemed quiet, and maybe a little sad.  Missing the bouncing, loud, spontaneuousness of Katelyn – and the feeling that summer has officially gone.

When we were on our way to pick her up, Logan recognized the major intersection we turn at, and said “Mommy, get Katen now pwease?” so sweet.  She was all smiles after a great first day, her teacher gave a glowing report.

We polished off the day with rediculously huge ice cream cones with friends, and a few trips around the block on bikes with them, too.

While I am sad to see summer fading into cooler days, at the same time I am thrilled to have routines, destinations, plans.  As for me? I am starting off the new school year trying to get organized, too, and make an attempt at simplifying and decluttering. OH, and I might try and blog more than once a month, too. 😉


Look who’s two!

29 Jul


Happy Birthday, Logan!

I cannot believe my little man is TWO!

Yes, those are the saggiest, wierdest looking Lightning McQueen cupcakes ever. We tried.

At 2 years old:

Favorite color: green
Favorite book: was 15 Animals, now No, David and Click Clack, Moo
Favorite music: Anything danceable. Does not dig A Fine Frenzy, Florence + The Machine…. Likes Taio Cruz and Sesame Street Old School.
Favorite food: pizza? Hard to tell what his really very favorite is- he likes LOTS of stuff. Doesn’t seem to like turkey, take or leave beef and tomatoes are  definitely “yucky” (that’s my boy!).
Favorite toy: Remote control Jo Jo’s Bumper Car, after birthday presents – mower!
Other random stuff: Loves to be outside. Love swimming and jumping in the water. Makes the same great “oh my!” face with big eyes and a little circle mouth every time he jumps in. Loves his “sissy”, “Kate-en”. Gives the best, snuggliest hugs ever, could melt an ice block with his warm snuggles!  Sleeps with “Baa” the sheep, Elmo, and now his new very favorite, Tigger. (Tigger was given to him by Daddy.. who was given Tigger by Mommy, many years ago.) Has the best sense of humor and is loud, friendly and just plain awesome.



Celebrating our Independence…

5 Jul

The Fourth of July. Freedom and the right to play outside, eat yummy summer treats, and play with fire. 🙂

Our forth was filled wth plenty of time outside & time with our neighborhood crew.  Friday was a Pink Flamingo party, Sunday was the annual neighborhood 4th party (we made Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Jam Filling and Buttercream Frosting, Cupcake 7 from Ming Makes Cupcakes) – topped with patriotic sprinks and raspberries of course) and Monday we enjoyed a special S’mores Bar party – where we got to experiment with different combinations of campfire melty treats. (more on THAT coming soon..)

THIS is why we love summer.

Happy Father’s Day!

19 Jun

As soon as he walks through the door at the end of each work day, I may as well have “chopped liver” written on my shirt. Each day, you’d think that he’d been gone for WEEKS. They adore him. So do I.

Happy Father’s Day!

For this little layout, I used a template from Paislee Press and modified it slightly.  🙂


8 Jun

Adventure.  It’s easy to find when you are small.  Playing and stomping and scooping-

Searching, splashing, laughing with friends-

Today we went on a good ol’ creek stomp- looking for critters and cooling off in the water.  Our friends that we went exploring with found a crawfish (picture to come) and a wierd water worm.  While we were adventuring, we also found a tree FULL of caterpillar eggs! (great time to review that butterfly/caterpillar lifecycle!)

Making a memorable, fun summer (without letting little brains go to mush)

1 Jun

This is something that has been rolling around in my head, in conversations with friends, in my Evernote, and Cozi calendar… finally it is coming to fruition.  I’m putting together summer plans – all of which I hope will be FUN – and yea, the closet homeschooler/ former Ed Tech’er in me is putting together a theme for each week, which we will tackle unit study style with plenty of Montessori-style flavor.  I freely admit our weekly plan is based pretty closely on that of summer program Katelyn’s school is using, but I am also keeping things “free” – as in, if I find a reason to rearrange weeks, or if we don’t get to something, no biggie.

I also have plans to put together our own version of Angie’s Six-tastic Summer list (which really, you’ll probably see 3/4ths of her ideas on my list, too, and some stuff will overlap with the “cirriculum-y” stuff.) sometime this weekend. So no, our summer won’t be full of  classification of animals, studying states, and never venturing outside.. Oh no way. noooooo way.  There’s too much sun & fun “out there.”

Weekly Theme List

I started trying to type out each week’s general idea of activities as well, and it just got ot be a painfully long post.  I’ll summarize now and then as we go, I will elaborate on each one.  🙂

  • Exploring Nature – exploring and identifying critters & plants in our “backyard”
  • Our World (Part 1) –  Exploring food, environment & children’s culture around the world
  • Our World (Part 2) – Studying the dance, music & art of the world, dancing and making music together
  • Focus USA – Celebrating America with food, crafts and looking at different regions of the US – 4th of July focus
  • Every Child is an Artist – Playing with color, texture, and different media, study some types of art & discovering what appeals to us
  • Science is Awesome – Exploring the scientific method & conducting some Mr Wizard and Mythbuster style experiments (this is a DEFINITE GOTTA DO)
  •  Our Place in the Universe –  Discovering our solar system and what makes each plant unique.
This gives us a few weeks of “down time” before school starts, and a couple weeks to either continue a topic if we want to.  We’ll see if we really stick to this or if it goes out the window in 5 minutes, ha!
Now on to making our Summer Bucket list (that is, not before WE kick the bucket- before summer does!)


20 Feb

Our house seems to be teeming with cooties. We have had a stomach bug that started its run with me, last weekend, and hopefully is ending with Michael…

Poor Logan has takent he hardest hit. This is his second stomach bug in two months, each time he has been out of comission for the whole week.

Lots of laundry, cleaning, and hold heads/hair, and of course- get well soon card making have been happening around here.