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GodSpeed Atlantis…

8 Jul

Thinking of all the memories-

The good -busrides, Bugles on fingers waiting for launch, earth moving rumbles, promise of discovery, Ride, Sally Ride, house shaking double-bangs welcoming shuttle’s return…

And the bad – Challenger disaster in 2nd grade, lost life, coverups…waking Michael to news of tragedy over Texas, budget cuts, the realization that we (the US) have more funding going to A/C in the Middle East than NASA as a whole….

Hoping that one day we can move back to blasting off… So much yet to be discovered.

I’m going to get me geek out for a sec and link the intro to Star Trek: Enterprise which captures the feeling of discovery – shows how far we’ve come (and could go….) – nerdy as it is, it’s pretty moving.