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GodSpeed Atlantis…

8 Jul

Thinking of all the memories-

The good -busrides, Bugles on fingers waiting for launch, earth moving rumbles, promise of discovery, Ride, Sally Ride, house shaking double-bangs welcoming shuttle’s return…

And the bad – Challenger disaster in 2nd grade, lost life, coverups…waking Michael to news of tragedy over Texas, budget cuts, the realization that we (the US) have more funding going to A/C in the Middle East than NASA as a whole….

Hoping that one day we can move back to blasting off… So much yet to be discovered.

I’m going to get me geek out for a sec and link the intro to Star Trek: Enterprise which captures the feeling of discovery – shows how far we’ve come (and could go….) – nerdy as it is, it’s pretty moving.


Exploring Our World… what worked, what didn’t

17 Jun

Well, here we are a few weeks into summer, and already my plans of super-organization are falling to the wayside in favor of having a lot more adventures outside–but really, in the end, I think the “lesson” is for me, not the littles.  Chill. Out. It’s summer!  When you live in the frozen tundra  Midwest, you have to savor the warmth and bask in the warm days while they are here!

Here is the little summary (ha, the first time I typed that it came out “summery”) of what I had planned for the week initially, in my little dream world:

Goal is to eat our way around the globe- have a meal from each continent at least once. (Obviously not Antarctica. Or Atlantis if you believe that’s out there somewhere 😉 )
– Read some books about children of the world, what they wear, what school is like etc.
– International paper dolls or coloring pages
-Look up the weather for different places around the world

What did we end up doing?

-We had tacos for dinner once… Good ol’ Americanized ground beef on hard shells….
-We went to an “Island Breeze” concert – a free kids concert in the park with Carribean inspired music (with some Beatles thrown in for good measure) and Katelyn learned to limbo….
-We did check out some books from the library – a Children’s picture Atlas and a DK People of the World book that Katelyn found VERY interesting.

-We did some coloring pages of children in traditional dress from around the world, and of course I lost the link.  Blogger Fail! ooops!

Moral of the story? Make a plan, but don’t stress over it.  Children learn through play and through our everyday explorations anyhow.  I’ll continue to plan themed activities throughout the summer, but I’m not sure I’ll get too deep.  After all, there are bikes to ride, pools to splash, concerts to enjoy, crafts to make…..


8 Jun

Adventure.  It’s easy to find when you are small.  Playing and stomping and scooping-

Searching, splashing, laughing with friends-

Today we went on a good ol’ creek stomp- looking for critters and cooling off in the water.  Our friends that we went exploring with found a crawfish (picture to come) and a wierd water worm.  While we were adventuring, we also found a tree FULL of caterpillar eggs! (great time to review that butterfly/caterpillar lifecycle!)

My first “printable” – Montessori-inspired Butterfly Identification sheet

4 Jun

Wow, this started out as me poking around the internet looking for fun coloring pages and info sheets we can use over our “exploring our Backyard” week, and ended up with me spending waaaay too much time creating my own butterfly identification sheet, including 6 common Midwestern butterflies.  I also made a butterfly life-cycle chart as well.  I plan on laminating them together (as a front and back) so we can take it outside, Logan can mess with is, and it will survive.

This is my first attempt at sharing a printable material – please let me know what you think!

All of the images used are royalty free- butterfly information found at  and