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A few things form the “sewing room”….

21 Jul

Finally! Something to show off from the land of Sew. (I put sewing room in little quotes because really, it is a cozy corner of our basement… which now thanks to the fabulous Mr, is sealed and white and bright and wonderful…)

Katelyn is the proud owner of a new twirling skirt – from (mostly…) this tutorial from hous on hill road.

I made the contrasting panel much wider, did NOT make a contrasting panel for the waistband (noone will ever see it, I’m not doing more work than I need to, let’s be real here, folks!) and used 3/4inch non-roll elastic. It is pretty stiff elastic, but it seems comfy enough. She would complain if it wasn’t!

And yea, it was wrinkly, it had been worn half a day already- I admit,  and yea, not an award winning photo. It was about 6 billion degrees out and she insisted on the hairstyle. 🙂

But wait, there’s more!

(I always wanted to say that)

I rescued a shirt with really, really short-long-sleeves (it shrunk wierd, I guess?) that also happened to be super soft, and converted it into a pair of pants for Logan.

(excuse the lovely “Oh, hey, I should probably take a picture of this before I hack it up” iPhone shot)

This is my first attempt at reusing something that isn’t bluejeans and won’t be my last.  It was a fun project! I used the ever-popular Kid Pant tutorial from Dana Made – I found the pattern & intructions easy enough – but next time I will have to alter them specifically for L.  The rise is OK over a diaper- but REALLLLY old man-over the bellybutton-style with his new “unnerwear”. And they are about six miles long. But soft. And cute. And he loves them.

(I’m killin’ it with the pics, lately, hm? ugh, sorry!)

More soon, from the land of Sew, down below… I hope….