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Look who’s two!

29 Jul


Happy Birthday, Logan!

I cannot believe my little man is TWO!

Yes, those are the saggiest, wierdest looking Lightning McQueen cupcakes ever. We tried.

At 2 years old:

Favorite color: green
Favorite book: was 15 Animals, now No, David and Click Clack, Moo
Favorite music: Anything danceable. Does not dig A Fine Frenzy, Florence + The Machine…. Likes Taio Cruz and Sesame Street Old School.
Favorite food: pizza? Hard to tell what his really very favorite is- he likes LOTS of stuff. Doesn’t seem to like turkey, take or leave beef and tomatoes are  definitely “yucky” (that’s my boy!).
Favorite toy: Remote control Jo Jo’s Bumper Car, after birthday presents – mower!
Other random stuff: Loves to be outside. Love swimming and jumping in the water. Makes the same great “oh my!” face with big eyes and a little circle mouth every time he jumps in. Loves his “sissy”, “Kate-en”. Gives the best, snuggliest hugs ever, could melt an ice block with his warm snuggles!  Sleeps with “Baa” the sheep, Elmo, and now his new very favorite, Tigger. (Tigger was given to him by Daddy.. who was given Tigger by Mommy, many years ago.) Has the best sense of humor and is loud, friendly and just plain awesome.




A few things form the “sewing room”….

21 Jul

Finally! Something to show off from the land of Sew. (I put sewing room in little quotes because really, it is a cozy corner of our basement… which now thanks to the fabulous Mr, is sealed and white and bright and wonderful…)

Katelyn is the proud owner of a new twirling skirt – from (mostly…) this tutorial from hous on hill road.

I made the contrasting panel much wider, did NOT make a contrasting panel for the waistband (noone will ever see it, I’m not doing more work than I need to, let’s be real here, folks!) and used 3/4inch non-roll elastic. It is pretty stiff elastic, but it seems comfy enough. She would complain if it wasn’t!

And yea, it was wrinkly, it had been worn half a day already- I admit,  and yea, not an award winning photo. It was about 6 billion degrees out and she insisted on the hairstyle. 🙂

But wait, there’s more!

(I always wanted to say that)

I rescued a shirt with really, really short-long-sleeves (it shrunk wierd, I guess?) that also happened to be super soft, and converted it into a pair of pants for Logan.

(excuse the lovely “Oh, hey, I should probably take a picture of this before I hack it up” iPhone shot)

This is my first attempt at reusing something that isn’t bluejeans and won’t be my last.  It was a fun project! I used the ever-popular Kid Pant tutorial from Dana Made – I found the pattern & intructions easy enough – but next time I will have to alter them specifically for L.  The rise is OK over a diaper- but REALLLLY old man-over the bellybutton-style with his new “unnerwear”. And they are about six miles long. But soft. And cute. And he loves them.

(I’m killin’ it with the pics, lately, hm? ugh, sorry!)

More soon, from the land of Sew, down below… I hope….

Celebrating our Independence…

5 Jul

The Fourth of July. Freedom and the right to play outside, eat yummy summer treats, and play with fire. 🙂

Our forth was filled wth plenty of time outside & time with our neighborhood crew.  Friday was a Pink Flamingo party, Sunday was the annual neighborhood 4th party (we made Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Jam Filling and Buttercream Frosting, Cupcake 7 from Ming Makes Cupcakes) – topped with patriotic sprinks and raspberries of course) and Monday we enjoyed a special S’mores Bar party – where we got to experiment with different combinations of campfire melty treats. (more on THAT coming soon..)

THIS is why we love summer.

Happy Father’s Day!

19 Jun

As soon as he walks through the door at the end of each work day, I may as well have “chopped liver” written on my shirt. Each day, you’d think that he’d been gone for WEEKS. They adore him. So do I.

Happy Father’s Day!

For this little layout, I used a template from Paislee Press and modified it slightly.  🙂

Exploring Our World… what worked, what didn’t

17 Jun

Well, here we are a few weeks into summer, and already my plans of super-organization are falling to the wayside in favor of having a lot more adventures outside–but really, in the end, I think the “lesson” is for me, not the littles.  Chill. Out. It’s summer!  When you live in the frozen tundra  Midwest, you have to savor the warmth and bask in the warm days while they are here!

Here is the little summary (ha, the first time I typed that it came out “summery”) of what I had planned for the week initially, in my little dream world:

Goal is to eat our way around the globe- have a meal from each continent at least once. (Obviously not Antarctica. Or Atlantis if you believe that’s out there somewhere 😉 )
– Read some books about children of the world, what they wear, what school is like etc.
– International paper dolls or coloring pages
-Look up the weather for different places around the world

What did we end up doing?

-We had tacos for dinner once… Good ol’ Americanized ground beef on hard shells….
-We went to an “Island Breeze” concert – a free kids concert in the park with Carribean inspired music (with some Beatles thrown in for good measure) and Katelyn learned to limbo….
-We did check out some books from the library – a Children’s picture Atlas and a DK People of the World book that Katelyn found VERY interesting.

-We did some coloring pages of children in traditional dress from around the world, and of course I lost the link.  Blogger Fail! ooops!

Moral of the story? Make a plan, but don’t stress over it.  Children learn through play and through our everyday explorations anyhow.  I’ll continue to plan themed activities throughout the summer, but I’m not sure I’ll get too deep.  After all, there are bikes to ride, pools to splash, concerts to enjoy, crafts to make…..

The hit of the ‘hood

11 Jun

As soon as we saw the directions for the KidWash (make your own bike-wash/spray park) we knew it had to happen.  I saw this idea on Angie’s Six-tastic Summer List, and immediately sent an email to Michael – who in turn set off across town to get the parts (our Lowe’s didn’t have the mister thingies.).  

It came together in less than an hour, even with two little helpers. I think the final cost was around $20, maybe a little more since we bought a special cutter for the PVC to make it super easy.

So worth it.

All the neighborhood kids, big and small wanted a turn – even some Mommies were asking to have it out when they go running. 🙂 (well, our littlest friends, the 2 year old crew, didn’t really dig it, but everyone else did!)


8 Jun

Adventure.  It’s easy to find when you are small.  Playing and stomping and scooping-

Searching, splashing, laughing with friends-

Today we went on a good ol’ creek stomp- looking for critters and cooling off in the water.  Our friends that we went exploring with found a crawfish (picture to come) and a wierd water worm.  While we were adventuring, we also found a tree FULL of caterpillar eggs! (great time to review that butterfly/caterpillar lifecycle!)